Friday, 27 August 2010

L'Orange du Chocolat

A while back, I decided to offer some "cakes for materials cost" to all my Facebook fans, in order to build up my portfolio. My first order came from my landlady, Jessa, who wanted some cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday party. She wasn't too fussed on which flavours, so I suggested chocolate cakes with orange frosting, as I'd been wanting to try out orange buttercream for a while. She agreed and so I set to work.
I had also recently purchased some Regalice chocolate fondant and some star cutters, so I made chocolate cakes from my trusted recipe, topped them with a thick swirl of orange buttercream and finished them off with a chocolate fondant star and a small sprinkle of edible glitter. This is how they turned out:

Jessa took them to a garden party where they were happily devoured and as a result, a couple of her friends placed orders with me. So for any budding cupcake maker out there who is considering a way to drum up some business and build up their portfolio, I would heartily recommend offering to bake for materials cost to start you off :)

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